Sunday, January 18, 2015

put your money where your heart is

Seattle Pike Public Market on Christmas Day 2014

"Local business is the heartbeat of your neighborhood, the backbone of your community."

I've always worked in small business with great passion.  However, collecting and curating a beautiful collection of treasures from local businesses was always more of my hobby.  As time goes by, I find it has become my mission.  As internet sales increase and big chain stores are finding bigger and betters ways to bring you that instantaneous gratification, small businesses are suffering. 

As a buyer, a  store manager and a consumer- when I look at the things I own, I realize that the things that have lasted are from small business owners. It's the places I went and things I saw and connected with that have remained constant in my life.  Not only are these pieces a reflection of my personality and journey, they were chosen by a person or team of people that simply put, loved what they do.  

I encourage all of you to shop with a small business mind and support these local shops and businesses that treat their local workers well in all areas of the world.  If you can't shop local due to accessibility in your home town  - and are two fantastic websites that make conscious decisions to keep giving back to the people that create all these wonderful things.

If you live in a city...get out there!  Take a walk and get to know your neighborhood.   Here are some of the lovely gems I've found in the beautiful city of Seattle, my home.  I've also included a few pieces from one of the above websites.  

To all you mom and pop shop owners, thank you for all your hard work to keep our cities full of heart and beauty.

xx ellen.

Necklace from Venue Ballard by Diluce Designs

Earings from Preserve- supporting local business all over the USA.  Earrings and Ring by WildAirCo in Brooklyn, NY

Ring from GoldDogs in Fremont, Bouncer It's Me polish by Essie

Bra from Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique in Fremont by Aubade, made in Paris.

Crop Top from Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique in Fremont by OnlyHearts, made in NYC.

Phone Case from Moorea Seal Boutique in Belltown

Earrings from Moorea Seal Boutique in Belltown

Seattle Downtown Library on a  beautiful winter day January 2015

Sunday, September 14, 2014

summered well

Gasworks Park. One of my favorite spots in Seattle to sit and appreciate the beautiful city of Seattle.

Starfish at the Seattle Aquarium on a trip with my nephew.  I was so taken with the different colors.  Such beautiful creatures!

Reading by the Fremont Canal with my Sophia. My legs make a good tepee out of the sun.  Glad to help. Look at all those little ducks we saw!  I still can't believe she had so many...maybe ducky daycare??

Just one of my mother's amazing summer dinners when I go to visit them on Bainbridge Island.  

As hard as it is to spend pretty Seattle summer days inside, sculptor John Grade asked for volunteers this summer to help build his newest vision.  I couldn't resist.  Getting to participate in this project and just be present next to this incredible artist has been an experience I am very grateful for.  You can see more of his work at

My parent's sweet Olive actually really loves summer weather.  Her face just has a hard time conveying that.  Isn't she the cutest?!!

Hiking through the woods on my way to Green Lake- another one of my favorite Seattle spots.  

I used these "Flash Tattoos" in a project I was styling for and I grew addicted to them myself.  I love using them on my wrist layered with my own jewelry.  I like when it's hard to tell what's a tattoo and what's a bracelet.  I also have zero tattoos which is surprising because I am always thinking of ideas. These guys help keep the urge a bit satisfied.  

Two of my favorite dresses this summer.  I am realizing I am a sucker for a unique and interesting back on a dress. Luckily, even with all the constant wear and tare, they are both still in excellent condition.  I'll look forward to busting them back out next season.   

This summer was full of lots of incredible moments and good company. Here are few of my favorite people in some of my favorite places to visit this summer: Lake Union, Madison Park Beach, and the Frye Art Museum. 

My mother has been making these incredible floor cushions and I am in awe of her talents.  Each one is uniquely beautiful and made with lots of love!  I just love them.

 Kissing my summer goodbye with a little writing and the newest FALL issue of KINFOLK magazine at my favorite Seattle lunch spot- LOCAL 360 (you MUST try the beet salad- so good!). 

 This summer was one I will never forget.  I feel like I learned a lot about myself, saw a lot of beautiful things and let go of a lot of unnecessary stress.  I hope to bring the same mindset into this season- being "present" in all that I do. 

xx. ellen

Friday, January 31, 2014

sexy has no expiration date

I am so impressed with American Apparels recent adds showing a beautiful 62 year old model and this recent photo of Daphne Selfe. I find the pervasive ageism in America unsettling and rather ridiculous. Being in my industry, I meet women of all ages all day long and I find it's mostly the more mature women that inspire me with their wisdom and life experience. These photos invoke the elegance and confidence I realize I have been so lucky to witness in my life from all the amazing women before me that have inspired me and reminded me where true beauty comes from. About time that beauty was captured and shown off, very cool.  These women are beautiful and sexy and graceful and I aspire to be just like them.

xx ellen.
Here are a few more shots from the blog Advanced Style that inspire me...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

uncertainly stoked

I'm sure many of you are also experiencing this unpredictable weather; warm during the day and cold in the afternoon.  Sometimes this can leave morning outfit decisions a little overwhelming if you can't come back home to change before your evening begins.  This is actually my favorite time of the year to dress for that exact reason.  I love seasonally contrasted looks, sundress with boots and chunky sweaters.  I find it optimal to carry a little bit of a larger messenger bag around with you this time of year so that you can pull those warmer layers out when needed.  Here are a few of looks that are currently inspiring my spring wardrobe during these fabulously fickle and unpredictable weather patterns. 
 Enjoy. xx ellen

images via weheartit

Thursday, March 7, 2013

small spaces, big dreams

As of today I have signed a lease on a new apartment.  I will miss my old apartment with the view and space but we needed to be on ground floor for one of our dogs that's getting a little older :(
I have to say I'm really excited about scaling down. AND soooo excited about have hardwork floors again!  There's something refreshing about utilizing the space you have in the best and most creative way you can. Also....the bathroom is one of the bigger areas of the apartment...that I'm thinking of putting my closet in there- thoughts??   Here are a few photos that are currently inspiring me and my new tiny,but wonderful apartment. :)