Wednesday, August 5, 2015

walk your city, it's magic

It's easy to get comfortable in your neighborhood. Seattleites in particular talk a lot about never crossing the Ballard bridge unless they have to or those in Capitol Hill say they have no reason to leave.  There's such a large variety of music, art, and food throughout the city, it seems a shame to miss experiencing something new.  One of my favorites things to do wherever I live is simply just walk my city, for hours.  Sometimes I take my camera or a book to find a nice spot to relax or an empty backpack to collect bits from local shops along the way.  Sometimes, I just walk.  No plan.  No destination.  Just my feel on the pavement and an open to mind to whatever the day brings me.  Recently I spent some time exploring Elliot Bay Marina and couldn't believe this little community of people who live on the water year round with their "boat pets" and by far the most beautiful view rent can probably buy in The Emerald City. 

xx ellen.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Day Trip: Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island, like many of the islands around Seattle can be an easy day trip.  Obviously there is a lot to see and spending at least the weekend anywhere would be ideal.  However, sometimes if all you can manage to muster in your busy schedule is 24 hours, it can be done. My best friend and I recently drove up to Mt. Vernon from Seattle to Anacortes and traveled down Whidbey Island, just in time to reach Langley for dinner- AND with plenty of stops in between! Deception Pass is so beautiful and I definitely suggest taking a trip through Whidbey Island if you haven't.  Here are just a few highlights from this little day trip...

Anacortes WA, 
We played chopsticks and heart&soul of was half decent.

Watching the sunset in Langley after dinner.  I highly recommend eating at Prima- so good!

Stopped by The Salish Sea Brewing Company to fill up our growlers. Yaaasss.

There are so many thoughtful small shops and devoted business owners we got to visit all the way.  Getting out of town, if even for a few hours is really good for the mind.  Seeing how others close to you live and work can inspire your own community when you return home.  This is a really easy trip from Seattle- the whole thing could be done in even six hours including time to stop and enjoy the sites.  See more pictures from our trip at @slidingdrawers on Instagram.

xx ellen.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Current Local Crushes

Of all the places I have traveled and lived, Washington has some of the most thoughtful and truly one of kind restaurants and boutiques. I love walking around and discovering new neighborhoods and local hangs.  Here's a few noteworthy spots to check in out...

The London Plane
in Pioneer Sqaure

Hello beautiful.  This is my favorite new place to have a leisurely breakfast on my days off.  Not only is the food as good as it is beautiful, this space is gorgeous. Flowers, dishes, books, and other gems can be found from locals designers available for purchase.   

in Capitol Hill

Just one of the many incredible spaces Linda Dershang and her team have created here in Seattle.  I love the neighborhood feel of this little strip of shops on this part of 19th ave.  Sit on the porch for their amazing happy hour while the sun is still shinning bright.  To read more about this incredible woman and all her Seattle restaurants check out this article:

Le Merde
in Phinney Ridge

I originally found out about this space because a few of the women involved in this beautifully curated vintage shop are customers of mine at Bellefleur.  Firstly, this is the BEST name I have ever heard for a boutique.  I also love that it's a collaborative effort of strong incredible women that were inspired to create a beautiful space together. Great clothing, jewelry and gifts.  Stop by and see this new Seattle treasure!

Kalakala Co
in Langley Whidney Island

This coffee shop/boutique looks like a Pinterest board come to life!  The space is so beautiful in it's details, it's almost too much.  I love that the owners created this space to bring together coffee, food, music and art. I couldn't get over this hanging table- so incredible!  This little shop is just just perfect.

What lovely places I have seen so far this summer!

xx ellen.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Recycled Fashion

  I think it's important to shop and spend your money in places that look and feel good.  I want to walk around my city and see local business, thoughtful businesses that have heart and character. So I shop the city I want my city to be. I try to tread lightly on the earth and shopping local is a big part of that for me too.  As long as people continue to shop almost exclusively online with bigger corporations and continue to support the high cost of cheap fashion, shopping from second hand shops feels like a way i can contribute to a little less waste. One of my favorite things to is visit Seattle's incredible selection of vintage shops.  A few my favorites:

Gold Dogs in Ballard

Lucky's in Ballard

Trouve in Ballard

Revival in Capitol Hill

Indie Frock in Ballard

Here are a few of my favorite finds this summer that I got to make my own and give new life.  Head to your local vintage shop this week and find something to make your own while making this planet a little less wasteful.  

These shades were $5 bucks secondhand.  I've dropped them about a million times and they've lasted me all summer. Tight.

This has become one of my favorite sundresses. It's so unique with the cutout back and I love that it's cotton.  I can't believe somebody got rid of it,  but you find a lot of stuff like that in second hand vintage shops.

Every time I wear this sundress, I have people stop me on the street to ask where I got it.  I found this perfect summer dress on a day trip to Bainbridge Island.  There's some incredible vintage shops in some of these smaller towns around Seattle. Taking a day trip with friends to explore other towns is such a fun way to to take a break from your everyday routine. Coming back with something totally unique gives me a sense of adventure and accomplishment.  

Have fun treasure hunting.... 

xx ellen.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Drawer Favorites: summer 2015

It's been an amazing season in lingerie.  It's difficult to pick my favorites, but I shall try.  I feel like more than ever this summer I've seen individuals step out of their comfort zone and put more effort towards "underdressing" for themselves.  I think a big part of lingerie is taking the time to decide what you want, even if that's no lingerie at all.  There's something empowering about rejecting conventional utilitarian, seamless, invisible garments.  Unless you want that, that's cool too.  It's all about being YOU.  Here are a few sets from my favorite designers collections that make me feel like me.  :)

This candy colored mint Amour set from Simone Perele is honestly one of the best dye lots I've seen in my whole career in lingerie.  The color is soft, yet vivid and bright.  Without question my favorite set of the summer.

Speaking of Simone Perele, their peach colored Delice was a set not only picked by women looking for something summery and light, men loved to buy this set as gifts.  So often men pick black when they come in the shop, so I was stoked to see this peach set get so much attention from men and women alike. 

Nevaeh Lingerie is an NYC based line that really knows how to accessorize.  I love their cuff and blindfold details.  It's fun to have a set that brings out a different side of you and sets a mood.  We all need a change up from time to time.

This garter belt!  I just can't get over these amazing suspender straps. I have the biggest crush on ELSE as a company right now, I am just loving EVERYTHING that they do.  I big part of lingerie is touch and their designs just feel so good on.  They feel sturdy and powerful.  I've never been one for super girly sets either and I like that their lace has a bit of an edge.  Mad props ELSE. 

Only Hearts is a long time favorite line of  mine.  Made in USA is always rad, plus their designs are as comfortable as they are stylish.  They brought the crop top back in lingerie in a big way this summer.  I own quite a few now and love rockin' them with high waisted shorts and skirts.

Eberjey by far made the most summery lingerie of the season.  This yellow racerback bralette set got a lot of attention online and while it doesn't really fit past a D cup, it was an amazing set on smaller bust.  I loved seeing this set in the shop this summer.

This navy Amour set from Simone Perele was Bellefleur's latest shipment of the summer.  I own too many navy bras, but the soft blue made this set unique to me.  Plus this boy short is just the most flattering panty ever, I can't get enough. 

Bellefleur Lingerie carried a bunch of Eberjey swim this season and I fell in love with all the prints.  This one was really fun.

Fall will be here before we know it but there's still plenty of summer to be had.  Pop by Bellefleur Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm to get the best bra fitting you've ever had and see the incredible summer collection. If you are shopping on a budget, new items are added to the SALE rack weekly. 

 À bientôt!

xx ellen.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

put your money where your heart is

Seattle Pike Public Market on Christmas Day 2014

"Local business is the heartbeat of your neighborhood, the backbone of your community."

I've always worked in small business with great passion.  However, collecting and curating a beautiful collection of treasures from local businesses was always more of my hobby.  As time goes by, I find it has become my mission.  As internet sales increase and big chain stores are finding bigger and betters ways to bring you that instantaneous gratification, small businesses are suffering. 

As a buyer, a  store manager and a consumer- when I look at the things I own, I realize that the things that have lasted are from small business owners. It's the places I went and things I saw and connected with that have remained constant in my life.  Not only are these pieces a reflection of my personality and journey, they were chosen by a person or team of people that simply put, loved what they do.  

I encourage all of you to shop with a small business mind and support these local shops and businesses that treat their local workers well in all areas of the world.  If you can't shop local due to accessibility in your home town  - and are two fantastic websites that make conscious decisions to keep giving back to the people that create all these wonderful things.

If you live in a city...get out there!  Take a walk and get to know your neighborhood.   Here are some of the lovely gems I've found in the beautiful city of Seattle, my home.  I've also included a few pieces from one of the above websites.  

To all you mom and pop shop owners, thank you for all your hard work to keep our cities full of heart and beauty.

xx ellen.

Necklace from Venue Ballard by Diluce Designs

Earings from Preserve- supporting local business all over the USA.  Earrings and Ring by WildAirCo in Brooklyn, NY

Ring from GoldDogs in Fremont, Bouncer It's Me polish by Essie

Bra from Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique in Fremont by Aubade, made in Paris.

Crop Top from Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique in Fremont by OnlyHearts, made in NYC.

Phone Case from Moorea Seal Boutique in Belltown

Earrings from Moorea Seal Boutique in Belltown

Seattle Downtown Library on a  beautiful winter day January 2015

Sunday, September 14, 2014

summered well

Gasworks Park. One of my favorite spots in Seattle to sit and appreciate the beautiful city of Seattle.

Starfish at the Seattle Aquarium on a trip with my nephew.  I was so taken with the different colors.  Such beautiful creatures!

Reading by the Fremont Canal with my Sophia. My legs make a good tepee out of the sun.  Glad to help. Look at all those little ducks we saw!  I still can't believe she had so many...maybe ducky daycare??

Just one of my mother's amazing summer dinners when I go to visit them on Bainbridge Island.  

As hard as it is to spend pretty Seattle summer days inside, sculptor John Grade asked for volunteers this summer to help build his newest vision.  I couldn't resist.  Getting to participate in this project and just be present next to this incredible artist has been an experience I am very grateful for.  You can see more of his work at

My parent's sweet Olive actually really loves summer weather.  Her face just has a hard time conveying that.  Isn't she the cutest?!!

Hiking through the woods on my way to Green Lake- another one of my favorite Seattle spots.  

I used these "Flash Tattoos" in a project I was styling for and I grew addicted to them myself.  I love using them on my wrist layered with my own jewelry.  I like when it's hard to tell what's a tattoo and what's a bracelet.  I also have zero tattoos which is surprising because I am always thinking of ideas. These guys help keep the urge a bit satisfied.  

Two of my favorite dresses this summer.  I am realizing I am a sucker for a unique and interesting back on a dress. Luckily, even with all the constant wear and tare, they are both still in excellent condition.  I'll look forward to busting them back out next season.   

This summer was full of lots of incredible moments and good company. Here are few of my favorite people in some of my favorite places to visit this summer: Lake Union, Madison Park Beach, and the Frye Art Museum. 

My mother has been making these incredible floor cushions and I am in awe of her talents.  Each one is uniquely beautiful and made with lots of love!  I just love them.

 Kissing my summer goodbye with a little writing and the newest FALL issue of KINFOLK magazine at my favorite Seattle lunch spot- LOCAL 360 (you MUST try the beet salad- so good!). 

 This summer was one I will never forget.  I feel like I learned a lot about myself, saw a lot of beautiful things and let go of a lot of unnecessary stress.  I hope to bring the same mindset into this season- being "present" in all that I do. 

xx. ellen